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The poker tracker

When you decide to play poker “seriously”, very quickly, the need for a tracker is felt, whereas some time before, you didn’t even know it existed. The tracker is indeed an important investment for any player who wants to improve their poker skills. The following article presents and comments on this famous tool that you won’t soon be able to do without!

What is a tracker?

A tracker is a software that costs about ten dollars (you must admit that for this price, it would be a shame not to use it) and that will build a database from all the hands you will play and will of course analyze them. Your bankroll will also be the source of statistics. The purpose of all this is of course to help you when you are at the table.

It should be noted here that all gaming rooms allow the use of trackers.

The usefulness of the tracker

As far as bankroll is concerned, the tracker makes it possible to go from “just about” to extreme precision, thus avoiding any approximation and which can ultimately prove to be invaluable in preserving larger sums of money than one sometimes thinks when moving in a blur.

But the major contribution of the tracker is at the level of the game. We are not always aware of our gambling “tics”, our “conditioned reflexes”. The tracker sees all that for him. For example, how often do you raise to the flop depending on the cards you have in your hand? Depending on what you hold and what you touch, how does this frequency change? And, in such situations, have the outcomes been more often favorable or unfavorable? Get to know yourself better with the tracker.

Over time, your strengths and weaknesses will emerge and you will be able to work on each other to perfect your game.

But that’s not all, the tracker is also an integrated HUD. What is it all about?

The HUD to know everything about your opponents

HUD stands for Head Up Display, so in other words it is the display of data hand after hand. 

Which data? 

That’s for you to determine. What players most often decide to know about their opponent in a particular case is the following information: his VPIP, his LFP and his AF.

  • VPIP = Voluntary Put In the Pot = the percentage of hands in which the player in question is participating.
  • PFR = Pre Flo Raise = the percentage of hands raised preflop by that player.
  • AF = Aggression Factor = it ranges from 0 for a slightly aggressive player to 4 for an extremely aggressive player. This is the most important factor to consider in the opinion of many players.

With all this information, your opinion of your opponents is much more accurate and your decisions will be modulated accordingly.

Many other more advanced features are available on a tracker as you will discover in your next game sessions. Enjoy your poker!

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