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Is it possible to live from sports betting?

Whether you win or lose, the emotional elevator in sports betting is enormous. This rollercoaster of adrenaline becomes addictive. While some people only take sports bets for entertainment, others embrace the dream of being able to earn extra income from their salaried job or even quit their job to live solely on sports betting. But is this really possible and conceivable? This is the question we will try to answer.

The more or less true “stories” about sports betting

It’s a safe bet!

Believe it or not, there are NO bets where the outcome is certain. To maximize your chances of winning, you have to analyze different parameters. These parameters are specific to each bettor and also depend on the type of bet you are going to use. For example, if you choose a bet on the number of goals that will be scored in a match, the following points can be studied for both teams:

Shape on the last 5 matches

  • Form at home
  • Outdoor shape
  • Number of home and away goals scored
  • Number of goals conceded at home and away
  • Top scorers
  • Number of goals scored in first half and second half

There are many parameters that are not controllable such as an arbitral award, an injury for example. These parameters mean that no bet is ever safe.

The winner of the week (announcements from the bookmakers)

This is Russian roulette, impossible to win in the long run.

This is true if no analysis is done and attempts are made to combine more than 10 encounters each time. In these cases, your bankroll (your capital) will diminish very quickly and you will make payments more often than you withdraw gains.

Win up to 50% more by betting on more matches

It is a powerful lure of gain. You think “great, I’ll win 50% more if I add several bets”. It is important to know that the more matches a handset contains, the higher the chances of losing. Indeed, the uncontrollable parameters seen above apply to all the matches. A match whose result is not in accordance with what was bet and the whole handset is lost.

Statistics don’t lie to sports betting

95% of people lose money on sports betting. It’s huge isn’t it! But this does not only apply to sports betting but to absolutely any investment. It’s the same in real estate, on the stock market, or if you’re going into entrepreneurship for example.

Why do so many people fail?

There are many reasons, but they are almost always similar:

No methods

Betting blindly only serves to entertain oneself and lose money. People who lose money in sports betting are those who don’t know how to manage their bankroll and bet on anything and everything. “ah I feel good about this one”, no it’s not that easy to have a sunken nose!

The lure of winning

There is no such thing as quick easy money. People who want to make a lot of money quickly can do so but at great risk. These reckless risks lead in almost all cases to the loss of the committed capital. Few people have made a fortune this way. It is better to progress slowly. You will see that your morale will be all the better as you win regularly.

Not managing your emotions can be fatal to your sports betting.

It has happened to all of us. We bet on a game that is reputed to be “safe”. We are happy because there are only a few minutes left in the game and our bet is a winner. Unfortunately at the last second the result changes, the scheduled win becomes a draw… The bet is lost. We are angry and we want to win again because it was easy money, lost by a stroke of fate. So we rush to the first bet that comes, without analysis to at least recover what was lost. Again loser. And so on until there is almost no capital left. We tell ourselves that we can recover everything with a big blow and we make an “all in” (we bet everything) with a huge odds. The result is the same, loss…

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