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Through our referencing of the many online casino games, you will discover in the absolute of slot machines, which are usually the flagship entertainment of online betting establishments, and the software we describe in this review is definitely NetEnt. Of course, we’ll come back to the publisher’s must-haves, but also to the features that make its designs so special, both graphically and in terms of playability. As a reminder, all of the applications that we reference on our platform are offered in a free edition, and above all accessible without downloading or registering. So here is our presentation of NetEnt and its new free slots 2017, without forgetting other titles of course.

Why choose a completely free slot machine designed by NetEnt?

It will not have escaped the notice of the many novices as well as insiders, that NetEnt is undoubtedly one of the biggest suppliers of slot machines in online casinos, and certainly, these games are often taken by storm. But what exactly explains the popularity rating attributed to this publisher? 

That’s exactly what we’re going to develop at various points, and perhaps it will eventually convince you that NetEnt slots are a must-have.

Payout rate

Nevertheless, through these demo versions, you will see a first visualization of the payout rates, even though it will be more reliable on NetEnt slots in real money mode. As a result, the win/loss ratio will vary greatly as you move from one entertainment to another. But an average constant is emerging, with a 95% redistribution rate verified by the publisher itself, as well as by a regular audit of external and independent companies specialized in this adjustment of the Random Number Generator. However, be careful to distinguish between applications with progressive jackpots, because in this case the volatility will be much higher, which simply means that the losses will be significant, but on the other hand, when a winning combination is found, the jackpot will prove to be very high. It is then a completely different system of redistribution of winnings to be taken into account for these casino games.

Bonus games

NetEnt is one of the most appreciable publishers in terms of graphic design for these slot machines in particular, but also by the configuration, the functionalities added to the universe proposed will be all the more appreciable. Indeed, they offer a more intense dynamism during a game, and beyond the simple appearance of wilds or scatters conferring free spins bonuses in particular, punters will have the pleasure of discovering some bonus games. It is then a total change of scenery that we will see as during the bonus of the Crime Scene slot machine, resembling a Point & Click, or even through the Alien game from the publisher NetEnt, whose rights of use have been transferred so that the software can offer its exclusivity. 

Betting Limits

Not all NetEnt games are open to the general public. Some slot machines are offered with very high betting limits, which makes it impossible for novice gamblers or those with a limited budget to play freely. These betting heights can sometimes reach a maximum of €250, and this will often be the case in progressive jackpots applications, especially since the maximum bet is recommended in order to make the most of the winnings. 


Certainly, and as we have implicitly expressed in the previous points, the graphic design of each of the editor’s applications is absolutely superb. It will be rare not to find a perfectly detailed universe, with smooth textures, and the fluidity of each of the 3D animations is a delight for the eyes as well as for the announcement of the earnings. Let’s remember that casino games remain an entertainment above all, and through these slot machines, NetEnt likes to remind us of this so important dimension, and put before the lure of winning. Boredom is certainly not a term that will be associated with the entertainment offered by this software.

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