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What does it mean to make a living from sports betting?

It means that your winnings should allow you to pay your bills and live normally every month. To know how much you need to earn from sports betting per month to live off it, you already need to know how much you spend. Find out what your fixed and variable expenses are.

Earnings are never the same every month. So, to live on it you have to earn more than you need to live on it. Example: To live I need 1200$ per month. If I want to live off sports betting, I would need to earn about 1500$ every month. So I increase my bankroll (my capital) by 300$ per month. If one month I only earn 900€ for example, it won’t affect my ability to pay my bills. The 300$ not earned this month will have been earned previously (1500$ of earnings – 1200$ of bills = 300$ of additional capital). But you still have to not have spent them.

How to win over time in sports betting?

Here are a few ideas to win over time:

  • Prepare your bets for the week

The idea is to know which bets to make for the week. Make a list and analyze each game and each team. Remove from the list those whose analysis showed that there were too many risks.

  • Selection of a few bets to analyze

By having selected the bets of the week, you can allow yourself to correctly analyze each match and eliminate more matches with high risk of loss. Be selective! You will never be able to analyze all matches. The less you have to analyze, the more you can do in-depth analysis.

Choice of betting types according to analysis

Each bet is different from the other. The analysis you make of them will lead you to choose one type of bet over another. For example, a team that scores many goals against a team that concedes a lot will choose a number of goals bet, not the classic 1 wins against 2.

  • Avoid martingales, also known as “rising”.

This technique is very dangerous for people with small capital. The principle is as follows: To make it simple we will take a quote of 2 and a starting capital of 100$. I bet n1 5$ (5% of my 100€ capital). If my bet wins, I win 5$*2= 10$ in winnings – 5$ bet = 5$ profit.

On the other hand, if the bet loses, I have to bet $10 on the next bet ($5 lost + $5 starting bet). If the second bet wins, I win: $10*2 =  $20, i.e. the $5 lost previously, the $10 bet and a profit of $5 ($20 win – $5 lost on bet #1 – $10 bet on bet #2 = $5 profit).

If I lose this second bet, I have to bet the third bet an amount of $20. 20*2= $40, i.e. the $5 lost on the first bet, the $10 lost on the second bet, the $20 bet on bet #3 and the  $5 win.

Follow confirmed tipsters to win in sports betting

Beware of the charlots

Again, don’t rush. Choose calmly the tipster you are going to follow. Some are very good and will make you earn a lot of money over the year. Others, on the other hand, invent a life for themselves and don’t even bet themselves on what they recommend.

The tipsters analyze the matches and publish their bets to their subscribers so that they can copy them. Analyzing matches is their job. So they have the time to make very good analyses.

Like everywhere else, it is possible to experience sports betting. This requires a method that is easy to follow and reproduce. Moreover, you have to go progressively and not want to make a maximum of money in a short time. As you have seen on the graph, in the first 30 weeks you will have the impression that you are not making any progress, but after a year the gains can be enormous.

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