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The different poker tournaments

To play poker, whether online or in physical mode, you have several choices in terms of how the game unfolds, in reality, two choices:

  • The cash game
  • The tournament

Many players today, 70% of whom are online, are moving towards a tournament mode because it is much more attractive. It is true that being in a competition is still more motivating, at least for a majority of players. Moreover, it should be noted that in a tournament, there is more than one paying seat, sometimes up to ten, which is also a reason why players rush to these games.

Online, an incredible choice

When you log in to your online poker site, you can see the incredible variety of tournaments that are available to you and how often they are held. To help you select the tournaments that best suit you, we thought that a brief description of each of them would be welcome. Here are the tournaments you can find when playing online:

The Freeroll

When you play in a freeroll tournament, the advantage is that you won’t have to pay any entry fees, which in the jargon is called “buy-in”. These are therefore free tournaments but they will still be remunerative for the winners. A good way to make money at a lower cost.

The Sit & Go

Sit & Go’s are always played on a single table. The concept is simple: a number of places on the table is defined, from 6 to 10 maximum. The tournament will only start once the available seats have been chosen by the players. As soon as they are all occupied, then the tournament starts. So you will understand that this is a fast-paced tournament since there is only one table.

Multi tables

These are the tournaments most used by players. Here, nothing new, you choose the tournament, you register by paying the buy-in and you start. Sometimes there are several thousand players spread over several hundred tables. The remaining players are gradually grouped on the same tables until the final table where the player who wins the tournament will be awarded the biggest prize.

The outs shoots

Here, the tournament is similar to the one we have just described except that instead of the players being brought together little by little, we wait until there is only one player left at the table before it is moved.

The rebuys

These are multi-table tournaments in which it is quite possible, if you get eliminated quickly enough, to buy back chips. This “rebuy” period lasts an hour or two at the most, and then this option is no longer available.

Turbo chips

A turbo tournament is a tournament in which you will be able to participate according to the same rules as in a multi-table tournament except that you will see the blinds increase much faster. This means that the pace is faster, forcing players to take more risks.


These tournaments are again multi-table tournaments but in which it is not money that you will win. Here the winnings are of a different kind, they will be entry tickets to other more expensive, higher rated tournaments, and sometimes even physical tournaments in big competitions like the WSOP.

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